fredag den 5. august 2011


Hey there.. Long time since last. But I'll try to get better at updating this blog with comics from now on.

I'm starting on a comic education in Sweden from agust 22. So hopefully a lot of comic material will overflood this blog!

Cheers in beers from Denmark! :)

onsdag den 6. april 2011

onsdag den 18. august 2010


Here's something new... A couple of poses, just to refresh... Please comment!


søndag den 18. juli 2010

Long time no see...

I've been pretty busy with alot of things these last past months...

here is some flash goof...


lørdag den 13. marts 2010

The low anthem

Hey there!

Here's a band one of my friends showed to me, and now I'm showing you guys, cause this band is NEW GOLD!

Here's three of their many amazing songs
Charlie Darwin

The horizon is a beltway

To the ghosts who write history books

visit their homepage

Buy their newest cd

Support this great band!

I bought the cd and it's ALL NEW GOLD!


onsdag den 3. marts 2010

George Liquor inking practice

Hey guys!

Here's 2 practice inks...

Let me know your thoughts!


søndag den 28. februar 2010


I'm experimenting with my own style alot these days... so here's a part of that process...

Feel free to write what you think this strip is about, in the comments:)